IRTG Workshop 2024

Eleventh Bielefeld-SNU Joint Workshop in Mathematics

Date: April 8 to 10, 2024


Venue: SangSan Mathematical Sciences Building (#129), Room 101.



Invited speakers

Linus Behn (Bielefeld University)
Sung-Soo Byun (Seoul National University)
Zhen-Qing Chen (University of Washington)
Friedrich Götze (Bielefeld University)
Florian Grube (Bielefeld University)
Michael Hinz (Bielefeld University)
Niklas Jöckel (Bielefeld University)
Jinwook Jung (Hanyang National University)
Moritz Kaßmann (Bielefeld University)
Kyung-Youn Kim (National Chung Hsing University)
Jeongho Kim (Kyung Hee University)
Minhyun Kim (Hanyang University)
Takashi Kumagai (Waseda University)
Beomjong Kwak (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Haesung Lee (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
Ho-Sik Lee (Bielefeld University)
Michael Röckner (Bielefeld University)
Waldemar Schefer (Bielefeld University)
Zhengyan Wu (Bielefeld University)








Program (titles and abstacts)





Name Affiliation
Daviti Adamadze Bielefeld University
Can Atacan Bielefeld University
Noah Aygün Bielefeld University
Linus Behn Bielefeld University
Sun-Sig Byun Seoul National University
Sung-Soo Byun Seoul National University
Alexis Chasiotis Bielefeld University
Zhen-Qing Chen University of Washington
Myungje Choi Seoul National University
Lars Diening Bielefeld University
Barbara Gentz Bielefeld University
Benjamin Gess Bielefeld University
Friedrich Götze Bielefeld University
Florian Grube Bielefeld University
Björn Franzén Bielefeld University
Seung-Yeal Ha Seoul National University
Thorben Hensiek Bielefeld University
Solveig Hepp Bielefeld University
Simon Herrmann Bielefeld University
Sebastian Herr Bielefeld University
Michael Hinz Bielefeld University
Shanshan Hu Bielefeld University
Jae Hyoung Jeon Seoul National University
Young-Gwang Jung Seoul National University
Niklas Jöckel Bielefeld University
Jinwook Jung Hanyang University
Jaehoon Kang Seoul National University
Myeongju Kang Gachon University
Nam-Gyu Kang Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Moritz Kaßmann Bielefeld University
Beom-Seok Kim Seoul National University
Jeongho Kim Kyung Hee University
Jongmyeong Kim Academia Sinica
Kyeong Bae Kim Seoul National University
Kyung-Youn Kim National Chung Hsing University
Minhyun Kim Hanyang University
Panki Kim Seoul National University
Seonwoo Kim Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Takashi Kumagai Waseda University
Beomjong Kwak Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Haesung Lee Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Ho-Sik Lee Bielefeld University
Jaehun Lee Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Ji Oon Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Jungkyoung Lee Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Ki-Ahm Lee Seoul National University
Sanghyuk Lee Seoul National University
Seungwoo Lee Seoul National University
Yong-Woo Lee Seoul National University
Yuqi Li Bielefeld University
Javier Castro Medina Bielefeld University
Dongjun Min Seoul National University
Je-Han Oh Kyungpook National University
Seungjoon Oh Seoul National University
Hyunchul Park State University of New York at New Paltz
Mouad Ramil Seoul National University
Julian Rolfes Bielefeld University
Michael Röckner Bielefeld University
Jeeho Ryu Seoul National University
Waldemar Schefer Bielefeld University
Insuk Seo Seoul National University
Julia Struwe Bielefeld University
Zhengyan Wu Bielefeld University
Jaeyoung Yoon Seoul National University






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